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Posted By: superfoxi
Category: Bike-Mechanics
Province: Western Cape
City/Town: Noordhoek
Address: Capri Village, Noordhoek
Tel Number: 0788448830
GPS Settings: N/A
More Info:
Shop Description
Specialising in suspension setup and repair, race prep and maintenance for all Enduro, MX, Trials and Dual Sport bikes.
All work done by qualified motorcycle master mechanic with more than 30 years experience.
Contact me on:
0788448830 (Mike)

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Comment by: Viking

Hi Mike, we are going to move from Gauteng to Noordhoek area early 2016. My son and I both ride - mostly weekend worrier enduro and a bit of track. Looking at the Noordhoek area, am I bit concerned that we may be in for a long tow to find anywhere to ride or worst case have to trade our bikes for horses. Thought you may have a better feel for the area and options?

Date: 27 October 2015

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