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Bush behind Parklands/Sunningdale

Category: Places-2-Ride
By: LetsRide

Bush behind Parklands/Sunningdale

Hi guys,

For those who don’t know about this spot.............

This is in “my neck of the woods”........ behind Parklands/Sunningdale/Table View area.

There are lots of lil paths you can take and it is HUGE! 
A bit sandy with lots of hoops but it is still fun!
We sometimes also stop by this nice quarry (see in pics).

Just please never go riding there by yourself as we have heard some stories before of people being attacked!

If you would like to join me (and others) the next time we go riding in the bush please leave me a comment below with your number and I will contact you! We are always looking for people to join us!

If you guys know of any other FREE or open spots where we can ride please also add it onto this website. Anyone can make a free posting just like this one!

Head North on the R27/Otto Du Plessi Drive..... past Bayside Mall.....
Turn right into Sandown Road....
Go all the way down and you will see Builders Warehouse on your left...
If you want you can park your car/bakkie in the parking-lot there and ride from there.


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HOPEFIELD Outback Fun Ride

Category: Events
By: ebendutoit

HOPEFIELD Outback Fun Ride

Hopefield Outback Fun Ride - Saturday 6 June 2015

Ryan Steinmann
Phone: 076 900 5102
E-mail: ryan.steinmann @ gmail.com

90km from Paarl
120km from Cape Town

From N7, Cape Town
Follow the N7 north, 4km past Malmesbury turn left onto the R45 (Hopefield). Continue on R45 for 39km in a western direction. Look out for our signs on the farm ENKELVLEI. This is the start and end point

From R27 (West coast road)
At the Langebaan / Langebaan Weg turn off, turn right and follow the road to Langebaan Weg Air Force Base for 6km.
At the T junction turn right on the R45 towards Hopefield.
Follow the R45 past Hopefield. 15km past Hopefield you will find the farm ENKELVLEI on your right. It is the first farm on your right after you pass the Moorreesburg turn off.
This is the start and the end point.

Event sponsored by - H.D.B. SECURITY
Proceeds will go to High School Hopefield
Do not miss out on this day and make a note on your calendar

Included is free coffee and rusk with arrival and refreshments for the riders at the halfway mark.

From 08h30- 09h30
BRIEFING : 09h30 – 09h50

Adults - R180
Scholars – R100
Lifts – R60

Banking detail for prepaid payments:
HSH Hopefield
Standard bank
Branch code: 05 05 11
Account number: 083 292 195
Fax: 022 723 0369

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Category: Events
By: paultandre


Well we have a very important date this year: 4th of June 2016 and hopefully another in September.

Fundraiser for Aurora High School with the goal to purchase a school bus and pay governing body salaries. The whole event is being planned, arranged by the community, the school and the council. The route will be covering dirt roads, farmlands, stretches of mountain paths and on the border of our beautiful town. +/- 70 km ( doing the route twice- optional) The costs are R180-00 p/p Due to some adjustments we'll start on the farm "Rust Roest" 18 km North of  Aurora (27 km by road and borders next to 'Klein Tafelberg".

 GPS: 32°32’26.93”S 18°27’50.17”E

The route consist out of:

01. Hard two track  (Jeep Track)  5%
02.Softer road with sand (Jeep Track)  5 %
03. Sand SxS's (Side by Side soos Rhino's, Razr's, Gator's) 80%
04. serious sand suitable for quads, bikes en SxS's ongeveer 7.5% (Optional marked with red arrows)
05. Hard rock, technical 2.5% (Optional marked with red arrows)

Do come prepared with extra fuel. The track will be open till late afternoon for those who want to complete it the second time (the full +/- 70km)

Family members are welcome to enjoy some farm fresh treats. Picnic baskets and blankets will be recommended to sit and enjoy the peacefulness of the farm.

 Accommodation can be arranged at the school's hostel. For any further enquiries feel free to contact Mr v Wyk at 022 952 1660 or by email: hsaurora1@gmail.com

Prior payment will be appreciated to arrange for catering needs.
Payment can be made to:
Bank: ABSA
Account number: 1180150036
Branch: Piketberg
Reference: Name & Aurora Funduro

DATE: 4th of June 2016

COST: R180 p/p

REGISTRATION: 07:00 – 09:00

BRIEFING: 09:00 – 09:30

START: 9:30

Directions from Cape Town via N7
Get on N1 in Foreshore from Christiaan Barnard St/M60
5 min (2.2 km)
Follow N7 to R399
1 h 12 min (120 km)
Continue on R399.
Turn right at Aurora Road sign, towards Elands Bay
The town will be on your right
Drive to
Hoof St in Aurora
45 min (45.3 km)
Once in town follow the arrows to the farm.

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Zone7 - Update

Category: General-Chat
By: Tractorman

Zone7 - Update

Hi All.

It’s been a while since we had a track update, so I thoughtI’d let you know what’s happening at Zone 7.


Both the Senior and Junior tracks have been prepped.

Although there is some rain coming through, it doesn’t looklike the “Zone 7” area will be affected too much.


Just a reminder again about the Membership.

Follow the link - http://www.zone7.co.za/membership/unlimited-riding.aspx- for unlimited riding


http://www.zone7.co.za/membership/yearly-membership.aspx- for yearly membership.


We are busy refurbishing and renovating the Clubhouse andbraai area facilities. Please bear with us while we make Zone 7 a betterfacility for the WHOLE family.

Our intentions are to introduce a fully fitted kitchen, anda licenced bar. In the interim, we will be trading under a temporary permit, soyes there will be beers, cold drinks and food available over the weekend.


Please remember to adhere to ALL the rules, but mostimportantly…COME AND HAVE FUN.


Hope to see you all over the weekend.




The Zone 7 Team.

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Moorreesburg Funduro

Category: Events
By: madelene

Moorreesburg Funduro


Quad Bikes / 2 Wheeler  (Off-Road) 


Cost: R150.00 per rider - R  70.00 per lift
Kiddies  track - R70.00

Documentation  : From 07h30  -  09h30
Riders briefing  :  09:30  -  09:50
Start of outride  : 10h00

Track can be done as many times as you like    
Track close: 13H00   
Start: Coffee and snacks available for own cost

Halfway stop:
Refreshments @ halfway point (included in price)
& refuelling which will be the start as well.

Remember to mark your fuel container!!

For more info:  Madelene  0828778617/madelene @ dirkieuys.co.za

Be sure to sign the indemnity form


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My KDX200 vs Friend's CR250

Category: General-Chat
By: LetsRide

My KDX200 vs Friend's CR250

This past weekend at the Bonthuys Fun Ride I took my buddy Shaun’s Honda CR250 (this is a 2 stroke for those who do not know) for a spin! Obviously this is a very good bike, but by my surprise I was shocked on how HARD the suspension is. I know this is a MX bike, but WOW, how do you guys ride this bike in the bush with that MX suspension??

The seat is also ROCK hard!

The thing is I ride a Kawasaki KDX 200(also a 2 stroke) and this bike is made for the bush I know, and you can really feel the difference in the suspension, I will pick my KDX way before this CR250 (because I only ride in the bush.....)

But wait.....there’s more..........

I really thought that the CR250 would be ALOT faster than my KDX but it wasn’t hey! It might have been a lil faster but I was quite surprised that it did not have a lot more wooma than my KDX!

The CR250’s engine was recently done over and Shaun even placed a larger sprocket in the front for more wooma. So there is nothing wrong with the bike.

Please note that I am not degrading the CR250 at all, I am just saying how good the KDX 200 actually is to me!!


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Slaley Funduro and Farm Market

Category: Events
By: Saret

Slaley Funduro and Farm Market

The last Slaley Funduro and Farm Market for this year to be held on the 16th of December.

Registration starts at 08:00, at the cellar (c/o Kromme Rhee and the R44). 

Riding from 09:00 - 12:00. 

Get the best food and wine at the farm market, all day.

For more information visit www.slaley.co.za or contact Marius at winemaker@slaley.co.za

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Category: Events
By: Capeviking


All MX / Enduro riders are welcome.


This is not a race – no race entry fee will be charged and there will be no prizes. A R50 donation will be requested to pay for some marshals on the day. (Normal Melkbos gate practice fees apply)

The day will consist of many fun activities including the following:
• All category  rides and tag relays  from 50cc to 450cc
• Handicap rides & Time trials
• Start practice (with starting gates)
• Ladies ride (if we have 5 or more participants)

Bacon & egg rolls, burgers, hotdogs, beer, cool drink, water etc will be on sale. The day will start at 08h30 for juniors/10h30 for seniors and will end at around 15h30.  We will cater for all levels of riders from beginners to the more experienced, so join us for a day of fun.

For more information please contact Karen Sangster on 072 3697356

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Zone 7

Category: Places-2-Ride
By: Tractorman

Zone 7

Zone 7 is a dirt bike park for off-road bike enthusiasts...

Located off the N7 out-side of Cape Town...

We host 3 tracks...

  • Senior MotoX Track
  • Kiddies MotoX Track
  • 6.3km Enduro Loop

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Enduro World Cross Country Series

Category: Events
By: LetsRide

Enduro World Cross Country Series


Enduro World Magazine has been running a succesfull series of Extreme Cross- Country Off road Motorcycle events in Gauteng and and Cape Town. The upcoming event is the final championship round for 2010

The series of EWXC (Enduro World X Country) events in the Western Cape has been identified as specific to our region. One of the first and probably the most important factors is the need for spectator growth in the sport. We have achieved this by bringing the event loacation closer to the crowds. We have chosen the Zone 7 Offroad track as our venue. This is only a few km from Milnerton on the N7,on van Schoorsdrift road, the same road as the ostrich farm and it is easily accesible from all areas.

Offroad Motorcycles have changed over the years and many different disciplines have emerged, two of these are Moto-X,

which is based on a short circuit consiting of jumps and tight corners and Enduros which are held on virgin land and entail riding over exrtreme mountaous and forest obstacles and other technical type terrains for long distances. In the recent years a new discipline has developed called Enduro X .This has taken the extreme side of the Enduro events and combined it with the intense speed and tight circuits of the Moto X track and these have mailnly been held in in stadiums.

The EWXC in Cape Town combines all of the above disicplines, MotoX Enduro and Enduro X and adds some more extreme highlights to event.

We achieve this buy holding the event on the Zone 7 Enduro loop (track) and incorporating parts of the Moto-X track into it. This has been done in the past and has been a succesfull match. To set the EWXC aside from the norm we incorporate 16 man–made obstacles where the spectators will have wild entertainment .Seeing the riders succesfully handle each obstacle with skill and grace or seeing some spectacular sights as the riders get it wrong and battle to find a tracktable route through the obstacle.

The need for more and more extreme sports is not something new its just a fact of life. People have always been attracted to Thrills andf Spills and while they love to see some one winning they also identify with the guys who are struggling.

To Enable us to bring the this event to the public we sponsorship of each obstacle helps fund the event.

The day consist of 5 different 45min heats (Races) and each of these heats are brokern up in to the relevant classes. The will be a kiddies corner for the younger ones, plus wine stating and lives bands throught the day. Food and bevages are availble at the club and stalls and also halfway down the track at the waterholes.

Easy access spectator points at each obstacle and a tractor will ferry the spectators up and down the obstacle route.

If you havnt seen these event before you just dont know what you are missing.

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